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Breed: Crested & American

Gender: Males


Alex: 1-2 years old

Alfie: <1 year old

Special requirements: Both pigs tend to drink too little. You might need to come up with different ways to increase their water intake by adding more water bottles/bowls around their cage or trying out different bottle types. You should also monitor for signs of sludge in urine.

Alex and Alfie are young and inquisitive boys who love exploring! They would popcorn during their daily cage cleaning and hay top-ups.

Alex (crest on his head)

The more mellow of the two, Alex is less skittish and gives confidence to his little brother. He has grown to be more receptive to human touch and can be fully tamed with love and patience. He is a very clean and neat pig, preferring to do his dirty business away from his food. Alex does not like it when you take too long to refill his hay. As the elder pig, he normally asserts his dominance by taking his pick of the hidies.


He is a very playful and mischievous little brother. In his free time, Alfie will entertain himself with activities like rearranging his hidies, tunnelling under noodle mats, and taking a dip in his water bowl. He is very food-motivated and adventurous in trying new food. He is more skittish and usually follows his older brother around when he is scared. Even though he loves his brother and often tries to get close, he tends to be left to sleep in other hidies away from his dominating brother. They reunite to beg for food during the feeding hours. 

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