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Breed: Angel (Crested American), Starr (Sheltie)

Gender: Females

Age/D.O.B: 9 months

Angel (brown) and Starr (the black/brown and little bit white) are two very bonded and lovely females. These two young ladies are a bit shy and it takes some time and patience to make them trust you! When getting used to their surrounding and new home, they love to explore and discover every cm of their cage, especially when I change the set-up, they enjoying running around and exploring everything as if they would see everything for the first time. When they hear me arriving with the package of hay, they get very excited and start popcorning (if you don’t know what that is: its jumping and shaking their body, like a popcorn in the microwave lol).

Both of them are a bit picky when it comes to food, they like it simple, for example, their pellets, hay, a lot of fresh water, their daily dose of Vitamin C and a small piece of belly pepper or salad. Sometimes a tomato, but no experiments with carrots, cucumber, zucchini etc ;-)

Angel and Starr are two healthy, super cute girls, who need someone who can give them attention and is willing to invest some time to get close to them and gain their trust. 

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