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Breed: Abyssinian

Gender: Females

D.O.B: Jul 2018

Tequila (White blond)

Motherly character who will take care of baby piggies, giving in to them regardless how she is being approached. She loves free roaming (without cage/grids) in a safe environment. She will go out to find her castle when it is not in the same room, asking for it.

Bailey (Tri color)

Bailey was abandoned with ear infection (led to head tilt), cataract on both eyes & hip fracture. Due to her health issues, she protects herself at all times. She wheeks loudly when she smells fresh vegetables or treats approaching her, making Tequila excited as well.

Special requirements:

Bailey needs to have life-time medication for joint protection due to hip fracture. Ear infection has been recovered but head tilt will be for life. She has sensitive airways which require nebulizing when it occurs. 

Cataract will lead to blindness, therefore minimize change of her cage environment, including food & water location.

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