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Gender: Males (All)
Breeds: Abyssinian mix 

Est Age: Approximately 1 years old (all)

Special requirements: 

  • Preferably to be adopted together. Alternatively, Brownie can be adopted alone with the companionship of another dominant guinea pig, and Whitie and Blackie must be adopted as a pair.

Brownie, Whitie, and Blackie are biological brothers with distinct characteristics. Despite being shy to human touch, they were never shy to let their human know what they want. This group of vocal and energetic boys are perfect for a family that is looking for a lively group of piggies.

Brownie (Black and Brown)

Brownie is a very adventurous and knows where the good stuffs are kept. When given floor time, he will instinctively wonder into the kitchen and rest there. It comes with no surprise that given his character, he is the greediest and chubbiest amongst the three. He tends to gobble down his own food and then snatch Whitie and Blackie’s food. He is also the most dramatic piggie out of the three, so do not be fooled by him.

Whitie (Black and White)

Whitie is the most energetic and happy-go-lucky boy. He does regular zoom-ies which usually ends up ramming and irritating the other two. Despite his playful nature, he also enjoys relaxing and zoning out in a corner. He is very food motivated and will popcorn every time fresh hay is added to the cage.

Blackie (Black)

Blackie is the most innocent and calmest out of the three. Therefore, he is usually the easy target for Blackie and Brownie to snatch his food away. Sensitive and skittish, he is usually found hiding under a shelter or a secluded area of the cage. Despite all these, he is the sweetest amongst the rest and will lick and nibble when comfortable with his human.

As of 20 April 2021, Brownie and Whitie has to lose 50g, and Blackie has a follow-up with Vet Central in July 2021.

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