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Breed: Teddy, Sheltie

Gender: Males


Brandy - 18 Jan 2019
Charlie - 2018

Both of them enjoy being stroked and may purr to show it!

Brandy (Teddy)
Brandy is a very active and curious boy. He enjoys running around during floor time. Being the more dominant pig, he can be quite aggressive in humping his cage mate. As such, it will be good to have a toy ball for him. Brandy can be quite picky with food but he has slowly accepted more food in his diet!

Charlie (Sheltie)
Charlie is a very shy and mild boy. He may be easily startled and will need some time to get used to a new environment. During floor time, he usually looks for a place to chill and take a nap. He is a rather easy-going guinea pig who eats all kinds of vegetables.

Special Requirement
Adopters need to have KMS pellets for Brandy as he does not like any other brands.

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