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Brownie: Crested

Winter: Abyssinian

Gender: Females


Brownie: Oct 2018 

Winter: 1.5 - 2 yr old

Special Requirements: Brownie has crusted nipples which can be gently removed with olive oil if needed.

Brownie & Winter love fresh vegetables and they will start wheeking for fresh vegetables in the morning at around 7AM. Their favourite vegs are corn husk and capsicums, especially the red ones! They also enjoy occasional treats of apple, cherry tomatoes and blueberries.

Brownie is usually quiet and feels safer in a more enclosed hidey while Winter is slightly more active and loves to just sploot (lay flat) in a tunnel.

Both of them like to chew on hay at night so be sure to top up your hay and water bottle for them before you go to bed!

Are you ready to provide Brownie & Winter a forever home? 

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