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Bonded Duo

Breed: Rex and Ridgeback

Gender: Males

Age: Buddy: 3.5-4 years old and Nils: 12 Apr 2020 

Special Requirements: Both males must be adopted todgether.

Buddy and Nils are a relaxed duo, living a peaceful life together. Will you welcome them to your home?

Buddy (Rex)

Buddy is a gentle and confident guinea pig. He'll wander around and explore with a distinctive slow swaying walk, he looks like a black bear. Unlike most guinea pigs he's not too bothered about hiding himself, and spends most of his day napping in a croissant shape in a corner of the cage. It's fun to watch him, as his ears twitch when he sleeps, and he sleeps with his eyes open! Buddy is happy to be held and petted. Surprisingly he won't eat Oxbow Vitamin C tablets (which most adore), but he loves peaflakes. While he doesn't squeak that often, you'll find that when he does, he is absolutely the loudest guinea pig out there! He will scream for peaflakes and be very demanding. His favourite vegetables are: green pepper, carrot, cucumbers, corn husks, banana leaves and tomatoes. 

Nils (Ridgeback)

Nils is a handsome and chatty guinea pig. While he can't reach the same maximum volume as Buddy he will squeak a lot more. If Nils hears that you're awake and around he'll be squeaking to get your attention and hoping to get some treats for the trouble! He's quite brave, he'll approach you for food and let you pet his head and neck without running away (if you try to touch his back he'll dash for cover). When you take a picture of him he'll curiously come up and sniff at your phone. He isn't as interested in peaflakes as Buddy, he will eat the Oxbow Vitamin C tablets. More prone to hide than Buddy, Nils particularly enjoys lounging about in a soft fleece tube where he can still reach some food. His favourite vegetable is whatever Buddy is currently eating. After cleaning when he's put in a fresh cage with lots of new hay he'll jump for joy and popcorn all around. 

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