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Breed: Coronets

Gender: Females


Cara – 9 Dec 2020

Linney – 7 Dec 2020

Their mothers were surrendered to the rescue pregnant and they were born thereafter! Highly due to the unethical breeding, they are still rather small in size. Both love back rubs, and will purr when we rub the right spot. Cara might be a little scared of Linney because Linney used to be rather aggressive. After living side by side with a barrier and having floor time together for a while, they have gotten along quite well!

Cara (more white near top of head)
Cara is a food motivated girl who likes to pancake (lie really flat). You might notice her raising her butt and aiming her pee at Linney when she gets too close, this is her way of demanding personal space! 

Linney (eating capsicum in one of the photos)
Linney might need some time to warm up to a new environment. Despite that she absolutely loves doing zoomies and popcorning! Other than that she also likes to sniff Cara's butt, a very cheeky girl.

Special requirements:

Adopters need to be prepared as they may develop congenital/neurological problems in the future due to their background. Also, they will need 3-4 hideys.

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