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Breed: Texel and Coronet

Gender: Male


Teddy - 06/01/2020

Root beer - 30/05/2019

Special requirements: They will have to be adopted together.

Teddy & Root Beer love green peppers, fresh hays & pellets! Currently, both boys are on the heavy side therefore they are on fewer pellets but more hay is important to ensure their weight is under control. They are vocal & will wheek to green pepper/oxbow vitamin C tablets & oxbow treats. Ensure an unlimited supply of hay & water most of the time as they eat & drink a lot!

Teddy (Texel)

He's the heavier one amongst the two and needs to get his weight down by 10%. He's a daring lad who comes out of his hideys and accepts treats by hand. He tends to occupy the bigger hidey & poops alot too.

Root Beer (Coronet)

Root Beer has a mixed fur color of ash grey with a mix of brown & a pair of red eyes. He is the more timid one which will hide in hidey most of the time. That being said, he's a sweetheart.

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