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Single Male

Breed: Agouti mix

Gender: Male

Age/D.O.B: March 2019

Charcoal is very comfortable with humans and loves to wheek for food!

Charcoal is a friendly and loveable guinea pig who isn't afraid of humans, therefore, is very comfortable with lap time. Any form of affection is welcomed! In the day, you will usually find him hanging out in/by his hidey and relaxing.

When Charcoal is hungry or if he hears the plastic rustling (from opening pellet bag or treats), he can be quite vocal! Treats and vegetables, especially carrots, are his favourite. Other than that, fresh hay, daily pellets and newly cleaned cage will be greatly appreciated by Charcoal and he might thank you by popcorning. 

Although he is very friendly to humans, he is a dominant pig. A companion of a submissive guinea pig is advised for more successful bonding.

Would you be the one for him? 

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