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Breed: Abyssinian & American 

Gender: Males

Age/D.O.B: 1yo plus

Likes: Both of them love pellet, hays and veggies, especially bell pepper, pea flakes and treats.

Charlie is shy to being touch by humans but he is also a super naughty boy at the same time, disturbing you while you clean the cage. He is very good in escaping from being caught. He dislikes tomato. 

Otis is an adorable boy, very friendly and allow being touch on his head till whole body without any complain (especially enjoys head rubs) . He enjoys eating and will eat everything you give him. He will come near you when your hand put in the cage, he will smell or try nipping thinking you are giving him food or a treat.

Both of them are bonded , if they hear plastic or fridge sound they will make some noise for extra food or treat. They love vitamin c liquid so much and will not let go of the syringe. Charlie is the alpha / leader, Otis will tag along and follow him. Although Charlie bullies Otis sometimes, Otis never get mad and just let him be. Both of them very crazy on pellet ! Will wheek very loudly for it!

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