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Breed: Abyssinian & American

Gender: Males


Piglet - Dec 2019 (Abyssinian) 

CharSiew - Dec 2019 (American) 

CharSiew is the chunkier boy with a very shiny and smooth black coat that makes him looks smart. Being the more dominant one of the pair, he is also more adventurous compared to Piglet. When he is at a new environment or when he sees new things, his "detective" mode will turn on and he will start going round sniffing everything.

Being a Abby, Piglet has jagged black with some brown fur that gives him a "just out of the bed" look which makes him look super cute. He is rather timid and runs away when you try to touch him in the cage. He loves an enclosed hidey with a pillow to lay on... We also love watching him play with his little bear plushie.

Piglet is usually submissive to CharSiew but at times he may show a little temper towards CharSiew when provoked. Some chasing and occasional pecking is pretty normal for the pair.

Both boys are calm during laptime and love to be stroked. Piglet however doesn't like to be touched on the lower part of his body and can be quite vocal (i.e. complains) whenever you do that.

They mainly eat pellets and Timothy hay and love daily fresh vegetables like romaine lettuce and capsicums. Occasionally cherry tomatoes are given to them as snacks. 

Special requirement: CharSiew has a very tiny inner eyelid showing at the corner of his left eye. Vet has prescribed a eyedrop twice a day up till 11 Nov 2021.

Otherwise, the boys are both in good health condition.

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