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Breed: Crested

Lychee - brown markings

Longan - white

Ages: Around 3 years old

These girls were surrendered to us with around 8 other piggies who were living in a dirty environment and fed with low quality pellets.

Lychee and Longan are adventurous and curious girls who would walk out of the blanket set out during play time to explore their surroundings, and climbing into the hay bag to steal some fresh, crunchy hay. They love demanding for fresh vegetables and has a bad habit of biting the grids to show how much they want it. 

Lychee has already been sterilised as she had a benign, infected ovarian tumor and cyst. She is now in the pink of health! Longan gave birth in March 2021 and is now strong and healthy!

Would you be the one to give them a happy, loving home? 

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