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Breed: Abyssinian 

Gender: Male

Age/D.O.B: February 2020

Brad Wurtz is a little shy with hoomans but nothing pleases him more than playing with other piggies. You will see him zooming and pop-corning when free roaming with other piggies.

He usually doesn't like to be picked up but once warmed up with you he will be fine sitting on your lap and will lay his head on your hand. 

He is a little size piggie ( 760g) and has a funny little clear voice when he wheeks for food. He is very active and runs very fast.

Brad can be equally submissive or dominant with other piggies. He will boond better with a gentle cagemate. 

He likes his veggies and pellets a lot and will eat everything very fast. 

Brad new pawents should make sure he is eating plenty of second cut hay as he has fast growing dental. 

The vet has also advice to give him a supplement of Vitamin C for the next months as he has most probably not received enough from his preview owner.

He is an young and healthy little piggy who needs a new friend and a new family. 

Will you be the one giving him his forever home ?

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