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Breed: Silkie and Crested American Shorthair 

Gender: Female

Age: 4yo

Special Requirements: They will have to be adopted together and it is required for Chocolate to be spayed. 

Chocolate (Silkie)

Chocolate is a shy girl who need some time to warm up to strangers. However, when she looks up at you with her googly eyes, you can be sure that this girl can melt anyone’s heart. After she warms up to you, she wheeks loudly for food and you can even catch her popcorning at times. 

Botak (Crested American Shorthair)
Botak is an adventurous pig who does not hesitate to compete for space and roam around the house. She is inherently inquisitive and is the least shy when it comes to expressing her own demands. However she may be territorial and is definitely the dominating one. 

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