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Female (spayed)

Breed: Abyssinian

Gender: Female (spayed)

DOB: 4 May 2018

Coco is a sweet and gentle girl that is looking for another guinea pig to be her partner. She is used to the presence of humans and will not flee when approached. In fact, Coco seldom puts up a fight when carried out of her cage, she is more likely to freeze when she senses danger rather than flee.

She is obsessed with pillows and loves rearranging pillows in her hideout for a comfy nap. Sometimes, when she gets too cozy, she will wake up with her fur flattened on one side. Coco is suspicious of dried treats, but she loves fresh vegetables.

Special Requirements:

As guinea pigs are social animals, Coco needs to be bonded with another guinea pig(s) from the adopter. Our volunteers will guide you through the bonding process.

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