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Breed: Coronet

Gender: Females

DOB: 1 year plus

Special requirements: None.

Just like black and white, the personalities of Cookie and Cream are polar opposites.

Cookie is a homebody and hesitates to leave the cage during floor time. She’s always open to trying the different vegetables we feed them. Cookie tend to give in and let us pat her only after a few attempts to shoo our hand. She is easily bribed with food.

Cream is always eager to jump out of the cage when we open it. She patrols around the cage and under sofa before finding her usual spot outside the cage in a nice comfy dark corner under a shelf. Cream doesn’t like to be cuddled and whines softly whenever we pick her up to pat her. She is also picky with her food but chews intently at her favourite green bell pepper.

One thing they share in common is greeting us with their wheeks in the morning when we wake up because that means breakfast. And again in evenings when they get their green bell pepper.

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