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Breed: Peruvian Sheba mixes

Gender: Females

Ages: 3-4 years

Special Requirements: 

Oreo has an irregular heart but otherwise normal. Cookie requires joint supplements (Oxbow joint tablets are recommended).

Cookie (the one with the brown/white face) and Oreo are two lovely females (sisters) which live in a harmonic friendship. Both of them are very strong, but kind characters: While Oreo is always the first one when it comes to exploring new areas or a new toy, she is the one who loves to hide underneath a towel or in her house when a human comes close, whereas Cookie is more the follower when it comes to adventures, but loves to be seen and pet (she always searches for attention when we pass by, and only after some tenderly strokes she returns satisfied to her house. 

Btw, they love their own houses and almost never share them.

Both of them LOVE eating, especially their hay or salad, they hear when we open the fridge and show us with passionate noises that they would be ready for a health snack.

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