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Bonded Females

Breed: Coronet & American

Gender: Females (Spayed)

Age/D.O.B: 2020

Both girls are shy but very sweet and once they get used to the environment. They love to cuddle if they're comfortable with you and they have gentle wheeks. They LOVE floor time, but they may get grumpy if their floor time is cut short and start nibbling at the cage grid.

Daisy (Black & White)

Daisy is more outgoing but ironically submissive out of the two. She does have a little hunched back and splayed hinds but not to worry! This just means she needs more floor time and exercise. Adopter could opt for an x-ray to get to know more. Her teeth are normal now, but when rescued she had slanted incisors and molars so do keep an eye on that. She likes to cuddle when she is out and sometimes climbs to your shoulder to sit and be petted.

Ginger (Black)

Ginger is shyer to human touch but very playful with Daisy. Look out for her stealing food from Daisy sometimes as she can be more dominant. Once she is comfortable with you, she's okay with soft strokes on her head. She doesn't like being held for long so be gentle while carrying her. She also has a very silly cute face.


They love floor time because of the cool floor, especially in SG heat. Good to have a cooling plate in their cage too as they are both black fur and may get warm more easily.

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