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Single Female

Breed: Abyssinian 

Gender: Female

Age: 17 Feb 2015

Special Requirements: Palliative care and nebulise when necessary.

Elliott was surrendered to us as her owners were leaving Singapore. She came with a mild respiratory infection and ovarian cyst. Due to her old age, we decided it’s not worth the risk to put her under anaesthesia. She only required 2 weeks of nebulisation.

Elliott is shy and extremely submissive, she whined when a piggy approached her. Although she took half a day to get used to the presence of another piggy, she’s completely comfortable now and actually enjoys having a friend.

Although Elliott is a senior piggy, we hope we are able to find her a home who would love her till her last breath. Other than her ovarian cyst and respiratory infection, she’s relatively in good health.

Elliott would do well with a calm and gentle friend who doesn’t mind sharing his/her space and food. Do you think you’re the right one for her?

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