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Felix and Frodo.jpeg


Bonded Duo (Males)

Breed: Crested American Shorthair and Coronet

Gender: Male

Est Age: 6 & 8 Months old

Special requirements: They will have to be adopted together.

Felix & Frodo ​are super picky eaters. Being boys, they are non-adventurous with their vegetables and are easily contented with just hay, pellets & vitamin C treats. They will leave the tough hay aside and chew on the softer hay. This may not be good for their long-term teeth development, so adopters do make sure they finish up some of the harder stems before you top up with new hay.

They love clean beddings, each time we change fresh sheets for them, they will both reward us with some popcorning performances. Although they are very shy to human touches, they are super vocal and will not hesitate to call out to us and let us know they want more hay. In-fact they are very smart and can sense us from a few meters away to let us know they want room service immediately! These are demanding guests who tips us with their boyish charms.

Felix (Crested American Shorthair)
Felix is the smaller size pig amongst the 2. But he does not hesitate to compete for space and hay with Frodo. He knows how to put his foot down on in the hay box and occupy the whole space. He is nimble and runs fast.

Frodo (Coronet)

Frodo looks like a fierce lion between the two. But truth is, he is super timid boy who need some time to warm up to strangers. He gets bullied by Felix when it comes to who gets the favourite part of the hay.

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