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Breed: English Crested

Gender: Males


25 Dec 2020 & 14 Mar 2021

Dumbo is a curious and vocal boy. He likes to wheek at the sound of footsteps and opening plastic bag noises, expecting some treats. Dumbo is a really good eater, he eats a lot of hay and also likes veggies such as carrots, broccoli, and lettuce. He also enjoys head rubs and sometimes will sploot after a good back rub..

Not like Dumbo who likes to wheek, Figgy likes to purr and popcorn when he gets new fresh hay or his favorite treat. Before, he only eats hay and doesn't like treats or veggies at all. Eventually after everyday watching Dumbo eats, now he also likes treats and also eats his carrots and broccoli. He is a bit shy and will hide when he hears footsteps but will come up at the sound of opening plastic bag for treat time!!

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