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Breed: American & Sheltie

Gender: Males


Fluff(Sheltie): Nov 2017

 Fudge(American):Feb 2018

Fudge is a tri color american who love his Vit C tablet and treats, loves to explore and stands up tall to the C&C grid for attention. Fudge is not shy and loves interaction with human. He wheel louder compared to Fluff.

Fluff is a light grey sheltie who is shy and always hide in his hidey. He will come out for food and treats otherwise lazing in his hidey as always. currently on his daily ear cleaning to remove ear wax and discharge.

Both love their peaflakes, cucumber & green pepper treats.

Special requirements:

Fluff has a right ear yeast infection, requires daily cleaning before next vet visit around Jun.

Fudge has a noticeable right eye bulging, currently still can see to monitor

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