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Bonded Females

Breed: Texel & English Crested

Gender: Females

Age/D.O.B: Both 1+ Year

Snowy uses/mistakes Fluffy as a pillow sometimes.

Fluffy (Texel)

Fluffy will look up at you with her cute face if she smells food. She loves floor time and always asks to go out by nibbling the cage grids. She learned from Snowy where the good spots to chill are. When she goes back into her cage, you might find her popcorning because she’s happy she had floor time.

Snowy (English Crested)

Snowy is a little shyer. She’s the first to wheek when she smells food, but always the last to finish. She loves floor time, and she will find a favourite spot in your home and chope it forever (e.g. under the living room chair). Have to nudge her to go home so that she won't forget to eat hay and drink water. Sometimes, she follows Fluffy to explore outside together.

Do Take Note

Their appetite for hay is a work in progress, especially Snowy. Good to prepare a mixture of different hays to encourage her to eat more for better digestion and improve her teeth.

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