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Bonded Males


Fudge – American

Macchiato - Sheba Mini Yak mix

Gender: Males
Fudge – not neutered

Macchiato - neutered


Fudge – September 2018

Macchiato - 24 December 2019

Fudge – brown with white markings on top of head
The best way to describe Fudge is that he sees humans as his equal. He is not afraid of humans and will come over to the edge of the cage to greet you. He will allow you to pat him without running away but will grumble when you do it for too long. If you play rough with him, he will gently nip at your hand to tell you to take it easy.
Fudge has mastered the art of silent begging, whenever he smells food, he will lean against the cage on two legs, sniff the air and stare at you with those hungry eyes.
His nicknames are:
1. Steamed potato
2. Baby Capybara
3. Grumpy Dad
4. Fudgiato (for both)

Macchiato – brown agouti
Macchiato is the sweetest guinea pig you will ever meet. His gentle disposition will just melt your heart. He is well bonded with Fudge; you can say that Macchiato is Fudge’s emotional support animal.
Unlike fudge, Macchiato is shy, and will hide from human touch but is very docile when cuddled. He loves cozy spaces and will hide all day in a tunnel or hammock if you allow him to. Macchiato is also a noticeably quiet pig; you will rarely hear him wheek for food or rumble in your arms.
His favorite things to do are:
1. Looking up at the ceiling up to appear bigger
2. Nibbling on Fudge’s ear
3. Biting the human’s clothes when he has enough cuddles

Special requirements:
Despite his fluffy appearance, Macchiato is a very skinny boy under his fur. Please watch his weight.

Fudge has a sensitive respiratory system. He has made a good recovery from a past respiratory illness, but we require his adopters to acquire a nebulizer as a precaution, a GPRS volunteer will guide you on the purchase and use of a nebulizer. To prevent his respiratory issues from reoccurring, his cage bedding needs to be burrow proof, our volunteers will give you cage building tips for Fudge.

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