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Breed: Coronet

Gender: Male

Age/D.O.B: 2.5 years old
Likes: Head scratches & chin rubs

To note: Gabriel has a splayed hind leg but it doesn’t affect him

Gabriel loves attention. He will always let you stroke him and loves his chin scratches. His hair needs regular washing, brushing and trimming because it gets quite long so he’s high maintenance but he’s very patient & will sit still whilst you clean him up. He’s such a gorgeous friendly little personality who is a bit similar to a dog - he will purr with pleasure when you stroke him. He’s dominant with other guinea pigs & will need a more submissive playmate to live with.

Gabriel’s original owner has left Singapore and he came to us with a giant lump of matted fur that’s half his size. He originally was living with a friend but they fell out.

Are you the one for him?

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