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Gender: Females
Breeds: Abyssinian

Est Age: 1.5 to 2 years old

These girls are very shy and bonded together. Sometimes Pichoo hides behind Gatsby when she feels scared. Other times, they’ll be dozing off side by side. They don’t wheek a lot but sometimes they do when they smell veggies!

Gatsby (White Head)

Gatsby is the braver one who will come up to me when I’m holding veggies. She eats faster than Pichoo so look out for her in case she steals Pichoo’s food when she’s done with hers! When she gets more comfortable with you, she may let you pat her head for a few seconds. She is very sweet and is more okay with cuddles as compared to Pichoo.

Pichoo (Brown Head)

Pichoo is shyer, she’ll slowly come out of her hidey when you’re not looking. It’s like she’s a bit embarrassed to eat when people are staring at her, so she needs more time to adjust to a new home. But when Pichoo gets used to her environment, she’ll start to come out more and I even caught her doing zoomies around the cage, running all around, and having fun when no one’s looking.

Do Take Note

Because Pichoo is so shy, she might not come out to eat as much hay as she should, so do keep an eye on her weight. It would be good for her to gain a bit more weight.

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