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Breed: American (George) & Coronet (Owen)

Gender: Males (not neutered)

Age/D.O.B: 1 July 2020

George (Dove/ Grey — American):

George was named after a grey anatomy’s character for his shy, loving, a little bit of an airhead character who just needs a lot of affection, specifically Owen’s. He’s more timid in terms of human touch but is very calm once he feels safe in your lap. Adopters are advised to carry both of them out during lap or floor time as they get a bit panicky without one another. More on George—he (unsuccessfully) tries to be dominant over Owen. When he’s not found sniffing Owen’s bum and rumble strutting, he’s found simping over Owen and snoozing as close as he can beside him. The most endearing thing about George is that he will be the fake news alarm in the household as he has learnt to associate any opening of plastic bags or containers as fresh veges time and will alert the entire village at all cost by wheeking.

Owen (Tri/ Brown — Coronet):

Everyday you can find Owen trying to find his own personal space to get away from clingy George. Their fosterer enjoys seeing Owen’s increasing tolerance for George as the number of times he jumps and scolds George during his butt sniffing times has significantly decreased over time. Now, they enjoy teaming up against their fosterer and have picked up a habit of biting their cage door demanding for food. Pro-tip: boop their noses and they will stop. Owen also picks up things faster than George, such as making a spin before receiving a treat.

Both boys have learnt to live in harmony and snooze in their loft side by side every single day. Every morning, they wheek out of excitement when their fosterer is awake and do the same during dinner time. Adopters are thus strongly recommended to provide 3 hideys for them and if possible also a loft as they have since significantly fought a lot lesser with the increased privacy.

Would you be the lucky one to give these chubby boys a loving, forever home?

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