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Breed: American Shorthair 

Age/D.O.B: Gucci & Coco - 07 July 2019 (1 year and 6 months) & Chanel - Feb 2019

Special requirements:

All 3 of them has bonded very well, so we do hope all of them get adopted together. As they are rather chunky piggies, do watch their weight and their pellet intake. Chanel has had previous health problems (ear & respiratory infection) that has been settled but a closer eye on her would be appreciated! 


Gucci is a rather shy girl piggy and can be rather skittish at first but with food and head/chin rubs, she starts getting more endearing. She is also generous and kind, even when her sister snatches her food away, she comes gently with two feet up asking for another share of her own food. 


Coco is a cuddly little piggy that squeaks whenever she hears food coming her way. She's always ready for a second serving whenever possible. Every time she hears footsteps she squeaks asking for head rubs and attention. While being cuddly, she is also very cheeky. She snatches her sister's food away and enjoys redecorating the cage by pushing their hideys away. 


Chanel is the shyest of them all, but when it comes to food, she is sassy. When food comes she’s impatient and snatches food away from her sisters. Different from her sisters, she stays in her own corner and loves to hide away, but chin rubs are still greatly appreciated as it’s her favourite type of affection. 

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