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3 females (To be adopted together)

Breed: American Shorthair and Abyssinians

Gender: Females

Age: April 2019, July 2019, Mar 2019

Special requirements: All 3 females will have to be adopted together. They are also required to be spayed as it is less risky for younger females.

Muffin is a curious and adventurous girl who is quick to warm up to you. She wheeks loudly for treats whenever you walk pass or hears a plastic bag rustling. She has a good appetite and likes to snatch food from her sister Hershey and run around the cage.

Hershey is a beautiful girl but on the timid side. While Muffin and Pudding rushes to the front for treats, she will peek shyly at you and wait for her turn. You will quickly develop a soft spot for her.

Pudding is like the clever middle child who's off doing her own things. She is off one side eating from the veggie bowl while her sisters are fighting over a piece of veg. Pudding likes to burrow under hay, that's how the cage gets messy.

Hershey, Muffin & Pudding: Pro Gallery
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