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Male (sterilised) and Female

Breed: Teddy and Crested

Gender: Male (sterilised) and Female


3 years old/2019

Jerry and Mavis are a bonded pair that were surrendered with 2 other guinea pigs. They enjoy the sounds of plastic and start wheeking whenever they hear it. Their favourite time is when all their food gets stocked up. 

Mavis (Crested)

Mavis loves sleeping in any hideouts and especially loves it when she can just directly eat outside of it, she is a bit more shy and reserved, and will follow Jerry when snacks are being hand fed to them. 

Jerry (Teddy)

Jerry is constantly eating and looking for all the hay flowers, he is more daring but is a scaredy cat when there is sudden movement, most of all, he loves disturbing Mavis while she is in the hideouts getting some beauty sleep. 

Special requirements

Both have to be adopted together.

Mavis is currently on medication for her ear infection, she will occasionally have some recurring head tilt due to it. Down the road she may have some dental issues and will most likely require a spey due to enlarged mammary glands. 

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