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Breed: Coronet (Jimmy) & Abyssinian (Timmy)

Gender: Males (neutered)

Age/D.O.B: July 2019

Jimmy and Timmy are the sweetest boys, adopt them to witness the greatest bromance of all time.

Jimmy (Tri/Black with black, orange, white on his face)

 The most curious boy. Loves balancing on his hind legs and stretching out his front paws and snout towards you—sometimes asking for pats, sometimes accidentally or purposefully (who knows really) stepping on Timmy in the process of it and is most definitely always asking for food. He is also very receptive to pats and loves head scratches.

Timmy (Blacker one with a small orange patch on his chin) 

Timmy was more timid amongst the two when they were first surrendered and would stay in his hideys most of the time. Over the weeks he was no longer the same timid boy, and instead became so comfortable that he would popcorn and wheek for food every morning. He is the dominant one amongst the two, the most endearing thing about Timmy is 90% of the time when the fosterer comes bearing food, Jimmy will be looking up at their fosterer while Timmy will be looking and making noises at Jimmy, as if telling him to take his share for him.

*To note: Timmy’s incisors are slightly slanted but nothing concerning, close monitoring advised.

Jimmy and Timmy have a really strong and sweet bond. When they first came home to their fosterer and Timmy was still super nervous, Jimmy even threw some veges to him as he was hiding under their table. They snooze side by side every single day, and learnt that they are stronger together by popcorning and wheeking every day and night—to get more food of course.

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