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Bonded Females

Breed: American & coronet

Gender: Females


Lili: 6 months old

Taco: 5 months old

Special requirements: Taco is a long fur piggy that needs grooming to prevent matted fur and she has ear infection previously which requires monitoring.

Lili (American)

Lili is the brave one amongst the duo and she is very curious. She will keep on the look-out for any sound or movement. She likes to cuddle with Taco and eats quite a lot. All that said she is still shy and will need a loving family to spend time with her to build a strong bond. She is very social and jumps around quite often.

Taco (Coronet)

Taco is very timid and shy which is very adorable. She is still getting used to whoomans and she will hide if she sees people. Lili is like her big sister which she spends most of her time with and they do get along quite well. Patience and care is needed with Taco as she is very sensitive but she is very sweet and demure. During the first few floortime she will play hide and seek with you.

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