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Breed: Abyssinian & Coronet 

Gender: Females 


Milk - Dec 2017

Tanya - Dec 2019

Milk (Abyssinian)

Milk has a sweet and calm temperament and she makes the perfect lap pig to cuddle with. She does not struggle when being approach and loves chin rubs. She loves sleeping at the corner of the cage and splooting in front of the water bottle. 

Tanya (Coronet)

Tanya, on the contrary, is a little skittish than Milk. She does not like to be picked up. However when offered treats, she does allow pats. She is definitely the greedier pig and often spy on her foster. She ran to the cage at the speed of lighting when she spotted food on her foster’s hands. 

Special requirements

Milk had a bad bout of pneumonia in late 2020, leading to some lung scaring. She has made a smooth recovery and is now symptomless. However, it is highly recommended to place their cage in well-ventilated area (e.g. living room where there is more windows and to have a air purifier). In view of the lungs scaring, it is also compulsory to have a nebuliser in place. A GPRS volunteer will guide you on the purchase and use of a nebulizer.

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