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Gender: Females
Breeds: Agouti and Texel

Est Age: Miss Caviar: 2018(3Yrs Old), Lady Uni: 2019(2 Yrs Old)

MIss Caviar & Lady Uni loves green peppers, cucumbers, fresh hays & pellets. Both have a have a charming tint of brown & silver fur coat and enjoy their chin rubs daily. They are very gentle & sweet-tempered that you just want to hug them so much! 

Miss Caviar (Agouti American)

  • She now has a bit of cataract in both eyes which will affect her vision as she ages but Guinea pigs usually use more of smell then sight. Right now, she can see clearly especially looking for food! 
    (Cataracts are considered common in guniea pigs as they ages)

  • She is playful and curious, and loves tunnels a lot! 

  • She loves to put her head on a pillow when sleeping.

  • She has a beautiful thick coat of fur that shines! 

Lady Uni (Texel)

  • She has a long fur but she prefer them short.

  • Her fur need to be combed if you decided to let her grow long.

  • If not, keep it short for easy maintenance.

  • She has a fluffy coat of ash grey & a mixed of brown fur.

  • She is super docile and demure

  • She is easy to handle and can stop for pats and lots of chin rubs! 

  • She looks like a baby brown bear. 

  • When she is bathing, she looks more like a small tiny puppy.

  • When she is blow dried , she looks like a little puffy bunny without long ears! 

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