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Male (not neutered)

Breed: American

Date of Birth: 3 September 2020

Gender: Male (not neutered)

Likes: Wheeking for food and exploring his cage

Special requirements: 

He must be paired with a submissive male Guinea Pig. The adopter is advised to monitor the bonding process closely and be ready to separate Mousse from his cage mate when necessary. Please set aside extra grids and coroplast for a divider if the need arises.

More info:

Mousse is a part of a litter of 4 that was surrendered to GPRS along with their Mom, Dad and Aunts, some of whom have already found loving adoptive paw parents.

Mousse is highly active and a fast runner. He will love a large cage with hideys and hammocks. Mousse may exhibit tunneling behavior if there are not enough hiding spaces for him. He has grown to be less shy over the weeks under foster care and could be fully tamed given some patience.

Mousse has shown to be a dominant guinea pig in his previous bonding sessions. The perfect cage mate for Mousse will be a submissive and gentle pig that can endure his boundless energy.

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