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Breed: Abyssinian

Gender: Male

Est age: 2-3 years old

Special requirements: Needs a calm friend

Muffin was surrendered to us with two other females whom he was living with previously. His previous owner had to give them up due to her severe allergies.

Muffin is an extremely laid back boy who is always sleeping curled up with his eyes closed. This is an everyday routine of his without fail, even on his first day! He is not a skittish boy but like most guinea pigs, does not like to be picked up. He loves his vegetables and pellets and would come up to the front when he knows it's time for food.

Muffin prefers a piggy friend who isn't very dominant although he doesn't insist on being the alpha, he just doesn't like the insistent dominating behaviour and would not hesitate to show it. Muffin would do well with a calm, middle-aged friend.

Do you think you're the one for him?

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