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Breed: Tricolour Coronet Satin 

Gender: Males

Est Age: 

Naughty - less than 1 year 

Nice - less than 1 year  

Naughty (black patch over left eye) 

Naughty is the most gorgeous handsome clever boy ever. He's very curious and looks all around everywhere. He is haughty with humans, he won't bother to run to you for food, but he gets on well with other guinea pigs. If you catch him and have him on your lap he'll relax and lie down. He has a very luxury look and feel. He enjoys eating hay and pellets and is less interested in fruit and vegetables than his brother Nice. 

Nice (black patch over right eye) 

Nice is a very cute sweet little boy. He will run out to you for food, he eats pellets and loves fruit and vegetables, he is not as good at eating hay as his brother. Better with humans and more shy towards other guinea pigs. Not as smart as Naughty, he is easier to catch. He has brighter orange colours and even though he's a lot smaller than his brother he'll occasionally try to challenge him in a playful way. 

Special requirements

Due to a lack of correct nutrition during their mother's pregnancy both Nice and Naughty have permanent dental issues which need to be managed. Adopter must be prepared to learn symptoms of dental disease, monitor boys for any symptoms, take them to the vet for regular check ups, pay vet to grind down both boys back teeth once or twice a year, and do after care for boys including pain relief and support feeding. 

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