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Niu Niu.jpg



Gender: Female
Breeds: Rex

Est Age: 5 June 2018

Niu Niu is a sweet and adorable girl who will perch on the fence and ask for affections. She is a hearty eater and love chamomile supplemented during her feed. During mealtime, she will give a soft lady-like wheek and yes, you are expected to feed her immediately!

Floor time is very important to Niu Niu as she is a highly energetic and inquisitive pig. She loves waddling around the house and will shy away to a corner when she is tired. Toys are needed to keep her stimulated and engaged when left alone.

Despite her friendly nature, NiuNiu can be quite skittish and will chatter her teeth and nip both humans and piggies when she feels threatened and scared. An experienced and patient owner is definitely needed for her to bond with her new family.

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