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Breed: Otto - Abyssinian, Sparkles - Coronet

Gender: Females


Otto – 3 Dec 2020

Sparkles – Oct 2020

Special requirements:

They must be adopted together.

Otto (white fur near nose, with black eyes)

An extremely curious girl, Otto is very open to trying new veggies. She enjoys back rubs and shows it by purring. She gets really excited for food, and is usually the first one to start the wheeking band. We often see her doing zoomies and popcorning with her cage mate!

Sparkles (mostly brown fur, pink eyes)

Being a sheltie, Sparkles has beautiful and long fur. Given her shy and cautious personality, she will take some time to warm up to you. Also, she doesn’t accept new veggies immediately. When cuddling her, she might occasionally surprises you with little licks! 

Fun fact: Otto was the first guinea pig born in GPRS in 2020, she is the daughter of Oreo (a GPRS rescue)!

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