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Females (not neutered)


Peanut – Satin American

Luna – Coronet

Gender: Females (not neutered)


Peanut – 15 October 2021

Luna - 04 September 2021

Peanut and Luna are both young guinea pigs. With a little tender loving care, they would grow into lovely little ladies.

Peanut (Brown & White)

Peanut is a timid little girl, she would hide when approached by a human. However, given a bit of time and patience, she should get used to your presence within weeks. Peanut is the louder of the pair, she knows when it's snack time and would make her demands known by wheeking.

Peanut runs incredibly fast and loves to do zoomies around the cage. Occasionally, she would bump into Luna when doing her laps around the cage.

Luna (Black with white rosette)

Luna is a special girl. She responds to her name, and will approach humans when called, an uncommon trait among guinea pigs. She loves the company of humans and isn’t afraid of head rubs.

She is more laid back compared to Peanut and loves chilling in her hidey. But if she feels particularly active, she will join Peanut for zoomies around the cage.

Special requirements:

Luna loves to tunnel under her bedding and if given the opportunity, would stay under the bedding for the whole day. Her fosterers will notice some audible breathing whenever she stays under her bedding for the entire day. When prevented from tunneling, her breathing would clear up within a day. It is important for her adopters to try to tunnel proof their cage as much as possible. Our volunteers can guide you on setting up your cage.

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