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Breed: Sheltie

Gender: Female

Special requirements: They will have to be adopted together.

Peanut Butter and Minicapp are beautiful girls with long, fluffy coats with the potential of looking like a lion’s mane!

Peanut Butter

Brown with a cute white tuft of fur on the top of her head.


Greyish-white beautiful little girl. 

They’re shy girls who would require time and space to express their personalities. Hence, they’d need someone who is patient and consistent in bonding with them. Given time, they would approach you to ask for food when they hear you rattling the hay bag, pellets container, or treat bag. We believe they’d be wheeking in delight once you’ve gained their trust! 

They’re not too adventurous with veggies yet but do not give up trying as they will soon realise the wonders of veggies and fruits. As they do get skittish, multiple hideys would be required to provide them with the sense of security they need. 

See more of them on Instagram @nugsnfriends!

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