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Eris and Mars




Breed: Abyssinian

Gender: Females


Stella and Melody- 2-3 years old

Special requirements:

Stella (Abyssinian Brown)

Stella is a very easy-going and docile guinea pig. When she first came to the rescue, she was going through diarrhoea and weeks of medications. Despite all of that, she pulled through and remained positive throughout her treatment. A very hardy and positive guinea pig. She likes pets, allows people to pick her up and enjoys eating a lot of fresh food. She currently still in the midst of recovering and needs to beef up her weight. Apart from that, she is very healthy and a perfect guinea pig for first-time owners.

Melody (Abyssinian Black)

A very mischevious and playful guinea pig. She is very vocal and does not like to be picked up; she will always run away. She likes to eat a lot; especially chomping down on pee pads. Being the most adventurous and energetic one amongst the 3, she requires floor time and tends to take cover when scared or tired.

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