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Eris and Mars

Cookie & Stevie

Bonded Males

Species: Abyssinian/American Mix(?) & Peruvian

Gender(s): Males (Not neutered)

Age/DOB: 21/03/2020 (Cookie) & 13/9/2019 (Stevie)

Cookie  (tri-color) and Stevie (white) are a pair of bonded male piggies. Both  of them are shy and need time to warm up, but are extremely food  motivated. They will run up to you when they hear you rustling the bag  of Vitamin C or wheek when they smell hints of fresh fruits and  vegetables being cut in the kitchen. They have recently learnt how to  give their paw in exchange for treats - all you have to do is give them  your palm and say "Paw, paw~", and they will come up.

Stevie  enjoys head scratchies and will stay put when you give him head rubs,  but his backside is his no-no zone. Cookie will run away when you try to  touch him but this boy cannot multitask, so the best time to give him  scratchies is when he is enjoying his treats.

Most  of the time, you will see them snoozing away after munching on their  food and hay. They prefer green leafy hays, and love the hay flowers.

They  have opposite piggy-nalities. Cookie is more calm and Stevie tends to  be more alert/active, but both are extremely lovable and will respond  when their names are being called. They do not particularly like being  cradled when cleaned, so you'll have to be quick when it comes to that.  They will popcorn when their enclosure is being cleaned - they love a  clean environment!

Likes: Cucumber, Carrot, Romaine Lettuce, Capsicum, Broccoli Leaves, Cherry Tomatoes, Apples.

P.S. Stevie loves cucumbers, Cookie loves carrots - you will notice by their speed of eating.

Special Requirements: They  only know how to drink from roller ball bottles (e.g. Savic). You can  try adding another Ferplast bottle into the enclosure but chances of  them drinking from that often is quite low.

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