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Eris and Mars



Breed: American & Ridgeback

Gender: Males

D.O.B: age about 2 years old - from mid 2020

Both  guinea pigs greets you excited anytime they hear plastic bags rustling.  When you let them out of the play pen, they know how to find their way  up the door and back home! They love their hay and pellets, especially  their vitamins. They are not so keen on fresh vegetables and fruits.  They give lovely wheeks to welcome you home, or when they first see you  wake up in the morning.

Creamy (Cream Colour) is an American Shorthair who always has good hair day. He gives the  sweetest head nudges to your hand, and enjoys being petted. He gets so  comfortable with cuddles that he falls asleep on your lap!

Frosty (Brown & White Colour / Vienna Tortoiseshell Agouti) is  a Ridgeback. He has a handsome ridge of fur along his back, which makes  him stand out like a rock star! He’s the more shy of the two, but more  curious and chirpy when you carry him or pet his head.

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