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Eris and Mars



Breed: Abyssinian
Date of Birth: 1 June 2018
Gender: Female (spayed)

Hazel  is an active girl that loves wheeking at the sound of plastic, she will  even try to lean on the edge of the cage to beg for food. She knows  when it’s time for treats and isn’t shy about asking for second  helpings. She gets very defensive when humans pat her butt or tickle her  chin, but she allows head rubs and will stay still while being stroked  on the head.

Hazel isn’t too fond of pellets but loves to eat hay, vegetables, and treats. Her signature look is a wide-eyed look of fear.

Special Requirements:
As  guinea pigs are social animals, Hazel needs to be bonded with another  guinea pig(s) from the adopter. Our volunteers will guide you through  the bonding process.

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