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Eris and Mars

Kopi & Guni


Breed: American

Kopi (brown) and Guni (white) are a pair of bonded male piggies. Both of them are shy and  need time to warm up, but are extremely food motivated. They will run up  to you when they hear you rustling the bag of Vitamin C or wheek when  they smell hints of fresh fruits and vegetables being cut in the  kitchen. They have recently learnt how to give their paw in exchange for  treats - all you have to do is give them your palm and say "Paw, paw~",  and they will come up.

Guni enjoys head scratches and will stay put when you give him head rubs, but his backside is his no-no zone. He  is a little timid and might run away when you walk by or stretch out  your hands suddenly, but he's a very curious piggy. He does not enjoy  getting his nails clipped but will try to endure it in exchange with  treats.

Similar to  Guni, Kopi also enjoys head scratches and his backside is his no-no  zone. Kopi is very calm compared to his brother but his hind legs are not the strongest. He will still stand up for his treats and pea flakes though he struggles with that. He is very vocal when being patted.

Both are extremely lovable and will respond when their names are being called.

Likes: Cucumber, Carrot, Romaine Lettuce, Capsicum, Broccoli Leaves.

Special Requirements: NA

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