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Eris and Mars

Paige and Daisy

Bonded Females

Paige (Black Colour with traces of ginger) has a shiny coat of black fur and is very agile. She loves to bury her face in fresh hay and allows  you to stroke her forehead while eating. She loves Daisy a lot and will  search for her just to be sure Daisy is around somewhere. Paige is the  slimmer of the two, and has “eat and don’t get fat” good genes.

Daisy  (Tricolor - Ginger-Black-White) is a darling who loves her cuddles and  will nuzzle into your neck when you hug her to your chest. She gives a  melodious wheek like a longer note. She tries to hide her veggies and  fruits from Paige and is the calmer of the two. Daisy has cataracts so  she makes it up with a keen sense of smell and hearing. She’s often the  first one to smell food near to the playpen, even cucumbers!

Both piggies love their fresh veg, fruits and very receptive to syringe feeding of vitamins. They are also gentle when nibbling pellets out of your palm. When you let them out of the play pen, they know how to find their way back up the door and home!

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