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Eris and Mars



Breed & Colour:               Abyssinian, Brown and White

Date of Birth:                     December 2022

Gender: Female, Spayed and Microchipped

Pina comes from a herd of guinea pigs that were abandoned in a Grab Food bag and subsequently rescued by SPCA. Now that she has a second chance at life, she is looking for a human to give her a happy ever after.

Pina is brave, playful and food motivated. In the mornings, she will stand on her hind feet and put her paws up against the cage to beg for her daily vitamin C tablets. Since her rescue, Pina has gotten used to the presence of humans and allows them to approach her for head rubs and pats.

Pina is a thirsty pig, she loves to drink and loves to sleep by the water bottles throughout the day. If given an opportunity, she would try to burrow beneath the bedding and play. The adopter is advised to secure the bedding and provide ample water bottles.

Pina’s hair grows out a little longer than an average Abyssinian, so she would require an occasional fur trim. She also pees a little more than an average pig and requires the bedding to be replaced more often.

Special requirements:

Pina has been recently spayed and she is recovering well from the surgery. Adopters who wish to take her in during July will need to pay attention to her post-surgery recovery.  The fosterers will guide you through the simple process.

As guinea pigs are social animals, Pina needs to be paired with another guinea pig(s). GPRS will only proceed with the adoption if the adopter already has one or more guinea pigs. Our volunteers will guide you through the bonding process. Due to Pina’s recent surgery, we reserve the right to stop the bonding if we perceive Pina to be in any danger.

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