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Eris and Mars

Thunder & Bolt

Bonded Males

Bolt is a gentle soul who happens to be an absolute lap buddy. Once  he chooses to settle on your lap, he will almost never bother to move  about even when his long hair gets messed up from all the petting.  Well...unless he is about to take a piss but he has cuddle manners (move  about to indicate that he has to go)! Bolt started off pretty shy, but  his love language is definitely food. It is highly recommended to grow  his hair out because he is gorgeous like a mini-lion when groomed  frequently.

Thunder is named as such because he  loves wheeking out loudly for food; especially during breakfast (7am)  and dinner (7pm) pellet time! He is very opinionated about the attention  that he gets and is even more alert to the fridge's rustling. His  intellect is apparent when it comes snack time and he can easily find  his own way back to the pen. He will be the easiest to tease and can  even stand on his hind legs if you just about hold his veggies just out  of reach. His favourite way of transportation: human's shoulders....

When together,  Bolt likes to push Thunder to keep fit with their sporadic pen sprints  that end faster than you can whip your phone camera out to capture such  playful moments. Both of them are very boys with healthy appetites and  love their vegetables, especially their capsicums. Don't let their fur  deceive you; Bolt's longer mane is an absolutely pleasure to stroke  while Thunder's shorter hair grows in cute tufts!

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